Friday, October 14, 2011

Deer Hunting Quabbin Massachusetts

Quabbin Hunts
I was absolutely amazed to see the number and size of the deer that were taken out of the quabbin a few years back. I went to a blog which detailed the hunts and included pictures. Those of you who do no believe Massachusetts has some very large bucks check out this blog. It's truly amazing. I wasn't involved in the hunts but if there's ever another opportunity to hunt that area I will definitely try to be a part of it. As I'm writing this I have just received news from my grandmother that she's seen 2 bears strolling through the area where I usually hunt. They were here last year around this time as well. I sure don't want to run into one while heading into the woods 30 minutes before sunrise. 4 Days until Bow Season Starts...Go get 'em For more pics of the Quabbin hunt from last year check out


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