Monday, September 17, 2012

iPhone deer hunting apps

I finally got the iPhone which is as awesome as I thought it might be. I was doing some scouting and decided to investigate some free deer hunting apps. I am only listing the free ones since I do not feel like wasting any more money on hunting than I already do.

1. The hunting journal by

The hunting journal is a great place for tech savvy hunters to keep track of their hunts. This app includes moon phases, view previous hunting reports , maps/gps and more. Best part is it's free. Last year I struggle to find a site like this where I could track activity. Now I can take notes in the woods while scouting or in my tree stand.

2. Hunting lite by mmquaint

This hunting flash lite is very versatile. It allows you to track blood using blue light, check the richness of blood. Also has game calls, a white light for getting into the woods before sunrise. Don't need a flash light ? Use this app for survival mode or hunting tips... Also free.

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