Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bow-hunting Massachusetts: Whats a 12-Ring shot...?

My reason for writing this post is to help educate hunters on an archery term. The term is a 12-ring shot which refers to the location of a shot on a deer or target. If you've never heard of this term that's alright... It's not widely used outside of the archery community. Below is the chart which highlights the vitals of a deer and where perfect shot placement is. Keep in mind an arrow in this area is almost always fatal, we are just getting fancy with a chart. Aim small. Miss small.

12/11/10 all great heart shots. 11 being the perfect shot.


  1. The objective of the post is completely successful. It will really help the archers. The depicted chart showing the perfect shot placement is great. And yes, shooting on 11 is perfect one. Along with this, sight which is available here is another important one for shooting.

  2. I certainly need the education from this blog. I have made a number of precise shots on deer, but I never knew they were referred to as 12-ring shots. Thanks for sharing. Another unique term that refers to a specific archery equipment is a bow sight: